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Covid 19 Action Plan

After much thought and preparation, Small World of Learning will be following the below guidelines as recommended by the CDC until further notice. We ask our families to work in partnership with our teachers and community in order to do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Patience with each other and coming together as a community is in and of itself a life lesson for all of our children as they move through this time of uncertainty with the rest of the nation.


Effective Monday, March 15th

  • The school will be open during normal operating hours of 6:30 am - 6:30 pm.

  • Parents who are able to keep their children home should do so.

  • Children should be kept home if they do not feel well and guardians/parents not feeling well should not provide pick up and drop off for their students.

  • Those who have traveled to infected areas or have been around infected people should stay at home.

  • A temporary hand washing station has been placed at the entry of the center. Upon entry into the building, the parent/guardian will supervise the child washing their hands before further entry into the building or appropriate classroom. (Note: the temporary station requires a staff member to refill and change out the water. Please do not allow the water to run irresponsibly as this will slow down the process of other parents/guardians getting their children to their classrooms.) All parents/guardians should also wash their hands before entering the building to drop off and pick up.

  • Limit the number of parents/guardians entering the building for drop off or pick up of students. If possible, designate only one person to do this to minimize the number of people coming in and out of the center.

  • Ensure the center has updated contact information to reach a parent/guardian during the day. Children will be sent home at the first sign of illness.

  • The number of toys will be minimized during this time and our teachers will encourage children’s learning/playing to be as independent as possible.

  • Be patient and prepared for sudden changes. Teachers will also follow all of the above guidelines and therefore students may be sent home in the event we do not have the proper number of teachers there to appropriately care for the number of children we may have at that time.

  • Our teachers will be taking over-cautious measures to eliminate germs and maintain the healthiest environment for all. Because of this, please limit your conversations with our staff so that they may spend the majority of their focus on keeping the children independently learning and socializing at a distance.

  • Talk to your children. It is important to explain to your child the importance of the precautions being taken so that they take them seriously. We want our children to feel safe and not scared, so communicating with them is the best way to give them confidence at this time.

We appreciate your cooperation with the above. Again, we understand that this is a scary and uncertain time for all. We will continue to keep our families posted on any and all changes as they occur in the coming days.

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